Health & Wellness

A primary concern at Camp Webb has always been the safety and wellbeing of our campers and staff. Our ultimate goal is to be proactive and to practice prevention by safeguarding against accidents and illness as much as possible.

Our Wellness Practices:

  • Hydration Monitoring
  • Frequent Hand Washing
  • Staff Training & High Standards
  • Sanitation & Cleaning
  • Camp Nurse on site

Our nurse is on site and available every day of the Camp Webb season from 9 a.m – 4 p.m. The nurse will call you if your camper comes to visit and requires more than minor medical attention. They will be on hand to dispense medication when required, provide top-level health care if needed and TLC all the time!

Camp Nurse

Nurse Tommi Goodwin is the full-time nurse for Webb School and Camp Webb. She is here to dispense medication when required, provide first-level health care if needed, and offer TLC all the time! With a BS in Nursing from UNC at Greensboro, she has extensive experience as an ICU nurse in various departments, and has worked as a nurse in CCU, heart transplants and cardiac catheterization/pacemaker labs. Nurse Tommi has been a school nurse for 19 years, and this will be her 13th year as our camp nurse!

Nutrition and Hydration

Lunch is a highlight at Camp Webb! We provide lunch, and it’s included in the cost of all camps. Campers and staff cool off together inside and enjoy a nutritious, hot lunch along with fresh salad, fruit, and a made-to-order sandwich station. In addition, we are a “nut-aware” camp and work directly with families when children have specific allergies.

In the hot summer months, we take hydration seriously! Our staff are trained to take frequent breaks for hydration, and campers have access to water refill stations throughout the day and across campus. At lunch, campers have access to multiple drink options and can refill their water bottle for the afternoon.


The Webb School/Camp Webb Clinic is a fully stocked school clinic where medication is distributed, and first aid can be administered. Our health clinic has been expanded to utilize a “well” room and “sick” room. AED machines are located in every building on campus, and emergency epinephrine is also stored in multiple locations across our
campus. Camp Webb is within 2 miles of a major medical center.