If you are not 18 yet, there are two different ways to help Camp Webb campers.

You can volunteer in our Specialty and Sports camps.

As a Specialty/Sports Camp volunteer, you would assist our camp leaders for the duration of their week-long camp program. You would need to be on location and ready to supervise by 8:30 a.m. You will be expected to assist in the supervision of our pick-up time and then you may leave at 2:15 p.m. All volunteers need to be able to commit to work the full week of camp. 

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You can be trained and participate as an Adventure Camp Counselor-in-Training or Junior Counselor.

Counselor-In-Training Program
Many of our older Adventure Camp campers look up to our senior staff and are interested in training to become leaders/counselors at Camp Webb. The summer after their 7th-grade year, campers may apply for the Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Program. If accepted, a CIT will train for one or two weeks with a camper group. Counselors-In-Training assist senior counselors in the guidance of a group or the management of an activity. This is an opportunity to develop independence, learn responsibility for others, and practice strong leadership skills. After successfully completing the program, they’ll be ready to assume additional responsibilities as Junior Counselors the following year.

A CIT’s role is that of an assistant; you are not directly responsible for the safety of campers, but it is your responsibility to assist in the prevention of unsafe situations though your leadership and involvement in the activities. Please know, before you apply, that using your cell phone while supervising campers is not allowed, and you should be dressed appropriately to mentor and lead young children.

This is a new role for these helpers, they are not campers, nor are they counselors. They are in an in-between stage. Therefore, the camp staff are still supervising them, in addition to training them. It is for this reason there is a charge for this opportunity ($175 per week).

The application process for a Counselor in Training begins at the same time and place as camper registration. There are three steps in this process:

  • Parents will need to complete a Camper Application for the desired CIT weeks of the summer. Applicants are added to a waitlist until steps two and three are complete.
  • Then, the potential CIT will need to complete the “CIT overview & application” that will be e-mailed to their parent(s) shortly after registration day. Please allow your camper to complete this part on their own and treat it as an online assignment/interview.
  • Lastly, the Camp Director will review all applications and assign the CITs their weeks, if spaces are available.

Counselors-In-Training work a maximum of 2 weeks (but may apply for more). Junior Counselors may work up to 4 weeks. By May, you will receive a response to your application via email.

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