Parent Testimonials

I can honestly say camp web was worth EVERY PENNY! My daughter came home almost every day excited to tell me what she did. I heard “today was the best day of my life” multiple times. We will for sure be back next year!!
This was our first year at Camp Webb. My kids absolutely loved it!!! I was so impressed how well everything was run. We will definitely be back, if we can!!
Camp Webb is amazing! Strengths include, but are not limited to: communication, organization, preparation, engaging activities/content, and student/child-centered staff. Best camp experience we've ever had! Thanks!
I truly believe that (our son) is better prepared for kindergarten in the 6 weeks he spent at Camp Webb—he has learned to respect boundaries in group settings, listen to direction, and enjoy the perks that come with making good decisions throughout the day. I am so proud of him and so grateful for the HARD WORK everyone at Camp Webb put into make (our son) feel special, loved, and included in the awesomeness that is Adventure Camp. I dropped him off with peace of mind every day knowing that he was in the best hands.
Our son started camp semi-independent and by the end of summer he was super-independent. He was packing his own bag and getting organized for the day. He was also much more comfortable approaching other kids and making new friends.
We can't imagine summer without Camp Webb. Kids are encouraged to grow, learn, and have fun! The counselors and staff are unbelievable. Plus, the campers get to take advantage of the beautiful campus and nutritious lunch. I was thankful that the campers also had opportunities to get out of the heat!
We've been a Camp Webb family for many years- I always appreciate the organization, communication, and safety protocols.
From the communication, to the safety, to the clarity and cost, Camp Webb is an amazing experience!
Camp Webb has been an amazing part of our summers for many years. I appreciate how well organized everything is, how much care is give to every little detail, and how everyone seems to truly enjoy camp, both campers & staff.