Parent Testimonials

Maddie LOVED camp every week! She tried things that she never would have tried in other places. We can't believe she climbed the wall multiple times all summer and did archery. The specialty camps were fun for her with appropriate activities for her age and always very creative each week. The aftercare staff was great! She never wanted to be picked up early. You made our move and start in a new state this summer very easy and fun for her. We will be back next summer!!
My 5-year old had the best time at the various camps she went to during the summer. She came home every afternoon full of excitement from the day. She talked about friends she made and sang songs she learned at camp all the time. It was great to see her having such a great summer because of Camp Webb.
He could not wait to get there every day, he loved the teachers and staff. He talked nonstop about all the things he had done for the day and passed out cold each night. It really helped him get ready for school.
Camp allows the kids to stretch beyond their comfort zone and meet new kids. Everyone is a friend at camp and the counselors do a fantastic job making every kid feel included.
Our son started camp semi-independent and by the end of summer he was super-independent. He was packing his own bag and getting organized for the day. He was also much more comfortable approaching other kids and making new friends.
The encouragement and direction afforded our boys definitely helped them develop leadership skills. The gentle/stern expectation of their best self definitely aided in guiding maturity. Experiencing success and achieving group and individual goals encouraged confidence in them as well.